How to plant a cannabis seeds in a peat pellet (Jiffy)

Planting a seed couldn’t be easier

If you going to be growing cannabis hydroponically its most likely you’d opt to start your seedling off in a Jiffy (peat pellet). Peat pellets are convenient in various ways, especially during this critical phase when a seedling need good exposure to moisture.

peat pellets

The jiffy peat pellet is made out of coco-coir in a net that allows roots to penetrate through as they become stronger and bigger. The peat pellet is not meant to be used on its own all the way through the grow as this wouldn’t provide a sufficient base for the plan to establish its direction downwards.

To start off your seedling you can go one of two ways;

  1. Pre-soak seeds for 24-72 hours (dependent on white sprouting length) and then later transplant the seed into the peat pellet (delicately, using tweezers) burying it 0.5cm deep centered.
  2. Directly plant them in a water soaked (not over-soaked) peat pellet about 0.5cm centered below the surface (allow 24-72).

Placing your peat pellet in another container and covering the top of the pellet is recommended to avoid light penetration which affects healthy root development of the plant. A common practice is to place the jiffy pellet with some clay pebbles surrounding and supporting from below into another slightly bigger pot (with drainage). This allows the roots to grow out and grasp onto the clay pebbles, as well as shading the roots from light

After a couple of days (depending on your climate) your peat pellet may require more water, be sure to check regularly on your peat pellet insuring its at least always moist towards the bottom.

Topping your seedling with about pH 6 at ideally a reading of TDS (total dissolved solids) of 0ppm up to 100 ppm water.

The seedling doesn’t really require any extra nutrition until about 3 weeks after the seedling as developed leaves and 3-4 nodes.

After about 4-5 weeks (dependent on plant size) feeding of about 400 ppm water can be given when peat pellet is seen to be drying out. Feeding the plant 400ppm, if on a 3 part feeding schedule give richer Nitrogen intake.

Meaning N-P-K ratio should be N dominant in the vegetation stage. Also supplementing micro and additions like cal-mag and such may follow later.

At this point you should be preparing to transplant your no longer seeding but instead a beautiful maturing vegetating cannabis plant into what ever set-up you choose.

Whether it be regular soil, hydroponics; coco-coir, deep water culture and so forth.

If coco-coir place the pellet into a pot with more coco-coir, be cautious with feeding after this, different volumes mean different behaviours in the grow medium

If deep water culture, just place your net cup into your DWC system and watch those roots look for water. Don’t forget your air pump!

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