As of late September 2018 the constitutional court of South Africa has ruled the personal possession and cultivation within private property as legal. (further regulations are still to be presented within the frame of 24 months since prior ruling)


With this the Cannabis industry of South Africa is booming at taking steps to insuring the public is presented with the best options locally. 

International companies around the world have been established for many years now, producing and providing medicinal and recreational options for their customers, Myhomegrow aims to achieve these international standards in terms of genetic quality and consistency when growing.

Autonomous growing is a step into the future requiring less maintenance and labor  in sectors which otherwise would require skilled or tedious actions.

Healthy and Quality Yields

We can assure the quality of our seeds will please you in terms of ease of growing and the yield quantity.

Affordable Packages

Our network has connected breeders from all parts of the world. Dutch, English (UK) and Local (South African) breeders have all come together to form a catalogue of strong genetics

Ordering in packs is more cost effective, ask a friend or have a spare!

Seed Storage

Our seeds ship in a long term storage solution, please keen unused seed stored in supplied container.

Try and store you seeds in a cool dry dark place. In a closed air tight container. Keep away from water during storage.

Seeds can last up two years in proper storage.


  • Control Your Grow Over The Internet
    • with every autonomy kit you’ll be able to access your Autonomy Controller (with the use of free 3rd party applications)
  • Set scheduled operations
    • for lighting, ventilation, humidity and temperature compensation as well as daily or weekly nutrition supplementation (with compatible types of hydroponics systems)
  • Display and log
    • light exposure, temperature,humidity.
    •  pH and EC values.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the seed sold on MyHomeGrow from?

Our seeds come from a variety of sources both sources internationally and nationally. Our network of breeders have selectively chosen and developed a collection of strains that span back to the early 90’s. The Dutch have been cross breading landrace strains for years now with the outcome of some very potent and appealing strain genetics.

We work with several European brands as well as American brands. We are looking to expand our catalog so please drop us a message if you are a breeder!

What shipping methods are available ?

We offer Aramax door to door shipping.

Your order could take up to a week to ship.

Please provide your address as detailed as possible, to avoid any delays

How can I be sure the seeds I get wont be a male?

Our seeds are breed through a process in which only feminized seeds are produced.

Free Shipping?

We offer free shipping on orders above R1000.

Will i get the promised amount of THC or CBD specified?

Our strains come with a spreadsheet of genetic straits that are possible to achieve with said strain. However the amount or % of THC or CBD produced is dependent on a magnitude of factors. Including, but not limited to;

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